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Kde:Celá ČR,Hlavní město Praha
Vzdělání:MA on Pedagogics
Cena:400 Kč/hod
Možnost dojíždění:NE
Výuka u lektora:ANO
Možné přes internet:ANO

Co lektoruji:

  • Řečtina


  • Celá ČR
  • Hlavní město Praha

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reading my CV! I would like to share my cultural capital with you and learn more about your culture through the process.

As a teacher I love to find new ways of communicationg with my students to create an intense experience through education and make other people happy. 

Greek language is very rich and playful and my academic experience as well as my professional experience in teaching either in private, at a school or as a volunteer has taught me a lot.

If you want to learn Greek to re-live happy memories from your travels, to give a nice and meaningful gift to yourself by learning another language or to challenge yourself with one of the oldest languages in Europe, I can promise to be a pleasant guide in your journey. We can learn Greek, connect with your friends in Greece by writing them cards and make a nice experience together.

Lessons planed and created by me are always matching the needs and the wishes of my students. I enjoy spending time preparing custom made material! I have plenty of experience also with E-learning.

Besides that I am a passionate traveler and language student (Greek, English, Spanish, Ancient Greek and Latin – because dead languages count too!- and some little Czech). 

I love to talk about culture and I am planning to start a master in Prague.

Now that I am in Prague I am also giving afternoon Greek dance lessons to my students!

About my experience:

since October 2018 – Teacher of Greek at Gymnazium na Vitezne Plani, Prague 4

since 2014 to 2018 Volunteer: Greek lessons for foreigners in need (Thessaloniki)

in 2017 Traineeship in two public schools of Thessaloniki

since 2017 today Private lessons of Anatomy and Hygiene (Uni preparation)

in 2017 Educational projects and workshops for pupils at the Greek Philharmonic in Thessaloniki (subject: gender equality)

in 2017 a semester of certified seminar on special education

in 2017 Presentation of two Conferences: one in the Center of Scientific Research, one in the University of Macedonia Thessaloniki

since 2015 today Lessons/afternoon teaching - preparation for school

since 2014 today a number of seminars on teaching with comics, pedagogics, andragogics, psychology

2014 today Private Greek lessons to children 

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